AX The Palace supports creativity

AX The Palace supported this year’s Artisans Innovating Fashion Conference which was organised by The Chamber of Fashion Malta Foundation earlier in May. The latter is a voluntary organisation working to support Malta-based fashion and textile designers, students, teachers and artisans in the fashion community.

The purpose of this conference was to encourage artisans to design their handmade products to appeal to global fashion buyers. The gathering together of the artisan community has strengthened collaboration between creative people. The three foreign lectures gave inspirational talks about what is happening in their different countries to support traditional crafts.

AX The Palace is foremost in encouraging these events organised by The Chamber of Fashion, being beneficial to the community and to education and culture in fashion.  To this end, AX recently hosted a welcome party at Lounge 360, which is the rooftop lounge at AX The Palace, for the visiting lecturers.

General Manager of AX The Palace Kevin Callus commented, “Supporting creativity nowadays is as much about understanding how to nurture and enable sparks of ideas to be developed. At times we only see the final product and we fail to see the deeper story of how these innovations emerge. No doubt, we shouldn’t underestimate the need to invest the time and money it takes to ensure the great artists of the future. AX The Palace is proud to support these types of initiatives.”

This content was supplied by the AX Group