Averting our eyes from threats to life is a distinct possibility – Bishop Mario Grech

Bishop Mario Grech said that society is running the risk of averting its eyes from threats to life. In a homily at mass celebrated in the Church of All Nations in Jerusalem, the Bishop of Gozo said that as the disciples of Christ ignored the threat to life, so, similarly, we run the risk of doing the same today. This threat is not present only in abortion but is there in every word and deed which impinge on human dignity. He extended his analogy to include also the indifference which society exhibits towards betrayal: in marriage, among friends, at work and in the Church itself.

Jesus on His knees in Gethsemane

Bishop Grech said that when Jesus stopped to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was quite literally, on His knees. “At Gethsemane, Jesus was coming to terms with what the frailties of human nature amount to” said Mgr Grech, adding that Jesus was deeply saddened by the huge mass of human failures he had to shoulder. The passion of the Christ is still ongoing today, said Mgr Grech, as Jesus is there with every suffering human being. When our hearts well up in bitterness, Jesus’ heart overflows in sorrow, said the Bishop of Gozo.

Mgr. Grech said that all the faithful need to look introspectively at their attitude to suffering and take responsibility for their words and deeds.