Audio: “They will pay for the party and photos, not for the certificate”

The Head of the Gozitan Sixth Form, Daniel James Cassar categorically denied that students will not be paying for their certificates. He claimed that the €15 students were asked to pay will go towards the after-party and for the occasion photos. He said that this practice has been there since 1998. contacted the Headmaster of Sir Mikelanġ Refalo, Daniel James Cassar, and asked whether it is true that students will pay for the certificate. Cassar sent a copy of the regulations to and said that students are obliged to attend the graduation ceremony, and explained that if for some reason they cannot attend, the must inform within one working day prior to the event.

Cassar said that by the 26th June, 196 students out of a total of 230, confirmed their attendance. 19 school students were informed that they will not go, while the other 15 did not inform whether they will attend or not.

He stressed that the ceremony costs around €6,000. He also explained that from last year, the money would be donated to Arka Foundation in Ghajnsielem.