Audio: “They told me he was dead, I kept on trying”

A latter day heroine saved the life of the young man who had been hit by car in San Julian’s, earlier this morning. Maria Escalda, a DJ who lives in St Julians, said that her aim was to save his life, even though she was told by many that the victim was already dead. .

Maria Escalda gave a harrowing account of what happened when a young man lost control of his car and drove onto a pavement.  She was still working on her music when she heard the car crash. On looking out of her balcony, she saw many people shouting and heard pleas for anyone who knew how to administer CPR (Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). She explained that without having an idea of ​​the gravity of the man’s condition, she flew down to deliver CPR, since she is officially certified. Escalda also said that a Norwegian girl also tried to save the young Dutch teenager.

The injured teen, had a large number of injuries and and his head was covered with his blood. She explained that she still persisted despite several people telling her that he seemed dead. She claimed she wanted to save his life, and that she managed to keep him alive until the ambulance arrived on the spot.

“It was so sudden and unexpected” – on-the-spot testimony

Maria said that when she was on the spot, she spoke with some people who saw the incident with their own eyes. They explained to her that they were returning home from an event when the young man began to drive at high speed, lost control of his car and drove on towards the pavement.

“Tim is currently undergoing surgery; we must pray him “

Maria also said that Tim is currently undergoing surgery so that he takes all the necessary precautions to save his live.  She urged everyone to pray for him.