AUDIO: “The sea around us is a burial ground”

“The sea around us is a burial ground”, this is what the Director of the Integra Foundation, Maria Pisani, told She said that so far this year about 1500 people have already lost their lives while they were crossing the sea in persuit of a better life.

A vigil is going to be held this evening at 7:30pm with the name of Ports of Hope inside the Marsamxett harbour, commemorating all those that have lost their life when trying to cross to Europe. She stressed that this should not go on happening, and people seeking better life in Europe do not have to risk their life.

“The NGO’s are doing the jobs that the European Governments are supposed to be doing” – Colin Calleja

Colin Calleja, a member of the group Solidarjetà mal-Immigranti, said during a comment he gave to that saving lives should always be given a priority. He stressed that in 2014, the NGOs took it upon themselves to save the lives of immigrants who undergo a perilous journey across the sea. He said that these organisations are being forced to jump over hurdles as they are painted as either human traffickers, or people who serve to bring in more immigrants in Europe. He said that the work being done by organisations like Lifeline, is work that is supposedly being done by European governments.


Solidarity with migrants statement on the eve of Ports of Hope vigilSaving lives should be a priority Since 2014,…

Posted by Colin Calleja on Wednesday, July 4, 2018