Auction results and allocation of the Malta Government Stock are out

Miguela Xuereb

The Treasury has announced the auction results and allocation of the Malta Government Stock issue of November 2020. 

By the closing date at noon on Wednesday, 4 November 2020, the Treasury received one hundred and thirteen (113) bids having a total nominal value of €492.3 million against the authorised sum on issue of €150 million subject to an over-allotment option for an additional sum up to a maximum of €85 million.  

The Treasury is allocating the accepted amount of €235 million, as hereunder:

 Bids ReceivedAllotment
 Nominal  (€)Nominal (€)
0.40% MALTA GOVERNMENT STOCK 2026 (II) F.I.131,500,00040,700,000
0.80% MALTA GOVERNMENT STOCK 2027 (III) F.I.184,500,00030,000,000
1.50% MALTA GOVERNMENT STOCK 2045 (I) F.I.176,300,000164,300,000

More information can be found on the MGS Issuance Results report published on Treasury’s website at