Attacks and intimidation won’t work, says Birdlife Malta


BirdLife Malta has strongly condemned the attacks against the organisation by two Government Ministers and a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Maltese Government following the filing of a Complaint with the Commissioner of Police requesting the withdrawal of hunting licences which were issued illegally by the Ministry for Gozo.

In a statement, Birdlife Malta said that all licences for this year’s spring hunting season are invalid and anyone who is out hunting with an invalid licence is breaking the law.

BirdLife Malta made it clear that since its inception in 1962 it never had any political goal or aim. As an NGO it embraces hundreds of members with different political views and has always worked hand in hand with different governments with one sole interest: safeguarding Malta and Gozo’s natural environment.

The NGO said that it is a pity that because they are working to ensure that Malta’s natural environment is protected they still find politicians, whatever side they are on, who openly attack their work.

Birdlife reminded the government that following the 2015 referendum in which thousands of people exercised their right to vote, and which was narrowly lost with a few hundred votes, there was a political commitment by the then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, that Malta’s natural environment would be safeguarded and environmental laws enforced.

“Unfortunately this is not happening today and police are not even doing what is expected from them because they don’t even have the time to perform their duties in the national interest and as required by the country’s laws, apart from the lack of adequate resources that they have been equipped with” – stated Birdlife Malta.

BirdLife Malta urged political leaders to not only be more cautious in their criticism but to also appreciate the altruist and valuable work carried out by environmental NGOs.