Ativan: Out of stock for over a month

“Stock expected in mid-November” - importer

Photo by: Unsplash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Many users of Ativan contacted to express their grave concern and anger because this product has been out of stock for over a month.

“This is unacceptable.”  “It causes me pain and anxiety.” “Outrageous”.

These complaints were repeated over and over again by irate users who contacted this newsroom. Many added that they do not feel at ease to use the generic pill instead of Ativan.

Some users told us that they have been forced to borrow pills from other users, a practice which doctors told us should be avoided. Now they are worried whether they would be able to buy enough pills to give back the pills borrowed.

Joanna Gatt, Managing Director of Vivian Corporation importers of Ativan told that the company “truly regrets this occurrence that caused our clients hardship and truly hope all will be solved in the shortest possible time.”

Pharmacists rationing the generic pill

A psychiatrists told this newsroom that the generic alternative is as good as the original.

“I have never had any complaints from my patients who changed from the original to generic”, this newsroom was informed by a well-established psychiatrists who preferred not to be mentioned by name.

Users reacted by saying that their situation has gone from bad to worse as even the generic alternative is now getting scarce. Pharmacists in some area are rationing the number of pills they sell to customers.

“We have been told by different pharmacies that the consignment of Ativan was due by the end of October, but now they are telling us that it will be available next week”, one user who is very angry at the importer told us.

However the Managing Director of Vivian Corporation, Ms. Gatt, was more cautious. She told that that the product should be arriving by mid November 2020.

“We shall do all it takes to distribute nationwide in the shortest possible time, once the product arrives and will be released from our Quality Unit”, said Gatt.

“We always do our best” – Gatt

Gatt told that they do everything in their capacity to ensure that the products they distribute are never out of stock.

“However, although we ensure a three month buffer over and above our quarterly needs, there are some instances that are out of our control, such as in the case of Ativan. Our stock was ordered in April 2020  to arrive in June 2020 but due to supply issues from the manufacturing plant this has unfortunately been delayed.”

In the meantime the users of Ativan can do nothing but anxiously wait.