At Home, Together – non-formal education by the YMCA

One of the fields in which the YMCA is involved in is a mixture of informal & non-formal education through various methods such as exchanges, placements, and internships.  

In 2019, 24 interns coming from different areas such as Social Work, Psychology, Youth Work, Care Work, Administration and Business Management were recruited and successfully fulfilled this tailor-made education curriculum offered by the YMCA in Malta.  

YMCA’s Youth Empowerment Coordinator Gabriele Bertone, explained that this is done through various means, such as hands-on experiences, lectures, interactive workshops, and seminars to engage in discussions and in new ways of learning on various topics such as mental health wellbeing, youth empowerment, civic engagement, active citizenship and so on.

Iwona Soltysik, the Coordination Officer, explained that due to COVID-19 most of the activities where put on hold and activities for the young people that used to take place in Valletta and Zabbar YMCA’s Centres were overtaken by ‘staying safe at home’. 

However, the team kept working for the past weeks, among other things, on a new project called ‘At Home, Together’ which aims to discuss themes that are becoming more relevant than ever now that we are spending so much time together in the same household. 

As from Wednesday 6th May 2020, the YMCA will be launching a series of weekly webinars in collaboration with various organisations and professionals to discuss issues that all of us are experiencing, albeit on different levels. Boredom, challenges in managing our time and relationships are some of the topics that will be covered in these webinars.

All of those who are interested are encouraged to stay tuned to the YMCA Malta Facebook page for more information and links to the event pages where the webinars will be streamed from.  

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