Watch: Asylum seekers leave for France to start new life

A group of asylum seekers composed of people who reached Malta at the end of December and early January this year were relocated to France, early on Thursday morning. In a short statement the Government announced that a group of people who were either rescued by Armed Forces of Malta or one of the civil search and rescue NGO boats caught in January’s stand off have been relocated to France.

Earlier this month another group of migrants was relocated to France while a separate group was relocated to Luxembourg.

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The relocation is part of an ad hoc agreement coordinated by the European Commissioner for Home Affairs which sought a solution after Sea Watch 3 and Professor Albrecht Penck were denied a safe port. Malta sought to include asylum seekers rescued by the Armed Forces of Malta in the relocation agreement.

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The Government said that the immigrants were assisted by local authorities, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and officials from the Embassy of France in Malta.