Asylum seeker shot by security official in Safi Barracks riot


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A private security firm employee was arrested after he shot at an asylum seeker detained at the Safi Barracks in riots that broke out late last night, in which seven police officers were also injured.

27 detainees were also arrested, including five who tried to escape the centre in the mêlée. In its statement on the night’s events, the Malta Police Force did not state whether any others sustained injuries.

According to the statement, Armed Forces of Malta personnel, district police and officers from the Rapid Intervention Unit and the Special Intervention unit were deployed to the detention centre at around 2am after a number of detainees started causing damage and throwing rocks.

While the police officers and soldiers deployed sought to bring the situation under control, seven RIU officers were injured. Two of them were hospitalised, and found to have sustained grievous injuries.

Security official kept shotgun in his car

The police said that the five would-be escapees, who were promptly recaptured, made a run for it after assaulting Detention Services officers.

But one of the escapees was shot at by the security official, who used a shotgun he kept in his car. The official was detained by police for questioning.

Detainees are believed to have started a number of fires during the unrest, which were put out by Civil Protection Department personnel.

Investigations into the case are ongoing, and duty magistrate Doreen Clarke is leading an inquiry.