Watch: “Ask for a vote of confidence” – Gonzi to Delia

The former Prime Minister and Leader of the Nationalist Party Dr Lawrence Gonzi, has once again appealed to the current head of PN Dr Adrian Delia, and the main party officials to present themselves to the party structures over seeking a vote of confidence.

Dr Gonzi said that he is convinced that there is a solution to the current crisis facing the PN, but it is essential that all those involved would face the present realities harsh as they are.

He was participating during Newsline, the current affairs programme on RTK.

“I spoke out of love for the party”

He said that after he resigned as head of the PN due to the electoral defeat of 2013, he opted for silence about the political developments. But he added that  his love for the PN compelled him to speak his mind publicly as the country needs a strong PN.  Gonzi said that he can only offer advice and his advice to Delia  who is the legitimate leader of the Nationalist Party, is that he should request a confidence vote from party structures.

Gonzi said that today there is a particular situation where a large number of supporters did not vote because they do not have confidence in the party leader. He added that this situation cannot be ignored. Dr Gonzi explained the party should dialogue with these people, while the leadership should ask for a confidence vote.

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Why did you not seek a confidence vote when the party under your leadership lost the elections to the European Parliament and local councils, Gonzi was asked. The former Prime Minister said that there was a time during his leadership when opened the leadership contest once more and submitted himself to the vote of the PN councillors. He added that instead of discussing the past it was better to concentrate one’s energies on the needs of the present.  I am interested  in the welfare of the PN today, said Gonzi, particularly in the light of the election result showing the greatest loss ever because  large numbers of supporters chose not to vote to show their disagreement with the leader.

“I am convinced that there is a solution”

Dr Gonzi said that he was convinced that there is a solution, but it is necessary for those in charge to be brave and put everything on the table. He said he hopes that there is courage, but he is only able to offer advice. He said that Malta needs a strong Nationalist Party. He concluded by stressing that the issue needs to be addressed.