Art exhibition explores appreciation for the human form

The aim of the exhibition is to test the audience and the boundaries of a contemporary gallery space in Malta 2019.

NUD. is the first collective and first typically ‘fine art’ show under the name DESKO, following ‘Vessels’ by ceramicist Hannah Galea and waxworker Matthew Micallef and ‘Jana Who?’ by graphic collage artist Jana Frost. 

Each artist approached the exhibition title of NUD. In their own separate ways, and the exhibition explores the theme of nudes from one end of the spectrum to the other

Charles Balzan

Vulnerability is the main focus in the work of Charles Balzan, who’s portraits of fractured-looking male and female subjects suggest they’re not quite as relaxed as the other models…

Some works touch on the simple appreciation for the human form, as is the case with Jeni Caruana’s classic reclining nude paintings and Kris Micallef’s black and white large scale photograph, ‘Angel’: a simple ode to the anatomy of the male form adorned with tattoos. ‘Froot’ by Micallef is a neon, almost alien depiction of masculinity. It adds a pop of colour and fantasy to the photographic work on show in the exhibition. 

Sarah Chircop approaches the topic in her chosen medium of black and white photographs in much more quietly. Chircop’s work shown in NUD. are self-portraits manifested in a curious way, so much so that her body is manipulated by use of mirrors and screens to turn her form into simple shapes, only identifiable by the arch of a back or the bend of a knee.  

Ryan Falzon

The enfants terribles of the Maltese arts scene, if you will, Ryan Falzon and Gabriel Buttigieg tackled the subject in a different way. Buttigieg’s work is the most explicit, albeit the most simplistic medium of ink on paper.

Ryan Falzon’s shows the same sense of appreciation for all things retro with his collection of eight prints exhibited in NUD. His eye as a colourist shines through with his work. 

NUD. is on show at DESKO at Studio 104, St Lucia Street, Valletta until the 7th of December.  

Pop-up show ‘Offerings” by master jeweller Kevin Attard, which is a showcase of oversized handmade silver filigree earrings, will run concurrently with NUD. as from Wednesday 27th November in the evening.