ARMS temporarily close front offices

In light of recent Covid-19 developments and restrictions, as from Monday 30th March, ARMS Customer Branches in Blata l-Bajda, Valletta and Gozo will be temporarily closed for the public until further notice.

The management has taken this decision to safeguard customers and to protect the wellbeing of its employees, who have continued to serve clients over the past few weeks.  

Nonetheless, ARMS we will be doing their best to continue serving all of their customers’ needs remotely. For customer care assistance, customers may contact ARMS as follows:  

Phone: 8007 2222 from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm


Additionally, for the following services customers are encouraged to use ARMS online facilities through its portal: These include:


From applying for a service to making an amendment, clients can download and fill the forms at home. This is ideally forwarded by email, but there will be a box at Blata l-Bajda’s Branch, which ARMS will be checking frequently. Cheque payments can also be placed in this box or sent via post

Additionally, through eID, e-forms are available for all services and can be filled online for further simplicity and commodity.


All utility bill payments can be processed from the safety of customers’ homes. One can process a payment through; ARMS Online Portal, Internet Banking (BOV, APS, HSBC, LOMBARD, & BNF), Direct Debit, Inputting Credit Card details on the back of the utility bill and posting it to ARMS, or through a Standing Order directly from the bank account.

Meter Readings

For water and electricity meter readings, these can also be done online through ARMS Online Portal. ARMS’ meter readers are also helping out by sending an SMS and following up with a phone call to assist customers further.

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