Armed Forces rescue 87 migrants

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The Armed Forced of Malta rescued 87 migrants at sea. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat meanwhile posted this morning on Twitter showing migrants departing from Malta to France as part of the EU’s ad hoc relocation deal.

According to a statement by the AFM, the rescue mission took place yesterday and the migrants arrived in Malta earlier this morning.

Member of the AFM located a wooden boat around 30 nautical miles South of Lampedusa. This after receiving a notification from the Rome maritime rescue section two days ago about a boat carrying 87 migrants.

An Italian naval vessel operating under FRONTEX which happened to be in the area went to give them help. However, it turns out they couldn’t actually help because of technical issues.

Meanwhile in a Tweet, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this morning showed migrants departing from Malta to France as part of the European ad hoc relocation deal. A brief Government statement later gave more context to the photo saying that the group leaving for France were rescued on the 31st December 2018.