Are LSEs trained to cater for individual needs?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Ministry of Education did not reply when asked whether the training that the LSEs (Learning Support Educators) was aimed at individual needs. had asked the Ministry whether LSEs are trained differently to cater for the needs of children with Down Syndrome, autism or dyspraxia.

The Ministry’s spokesperson said that the training focuses on different strategies with which LSEs and other educators can provide educational support to allow for the flourishment of the children’s individual potential instead of just focusing on the disability and the shortcomings that come with. sent a set of questions to the Ministry for Education after a parent of a child with Down Syndrome remarked that even though LSEs are doing their best with her son, they are not trained enough to cater for his needs.

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How do children get LSEs?

The process starts with an assessment of the child in question. From their end, the school will post an application with the iStatementing Panel. Support is provided following the necessary evaluation.

The Head of the school then assigned the LSE to the student in need. The Head is also responsible to see that every educator works on the potential of every student.

From the coming scholastic year, the educational system will introduce the LSE Class Support system at kindergarten level.