Archbishop Scicluna’s figurine features in Neapolitan-styled Mdina crib

Archbishop Scicluna's figurine features in Neapolitan-styled Mdina crib
Mgr Edgar Vella

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A figurine of Archbishop Charles Scicluna appeared in the Neapolitan crib which is set up at the Cathedral of Mdina every year.

Cribs are a replica of the scene of the nativity, with Mary and Joseph surrounding a manger on which baby Jesus lies, while shepherds, the Magi and a cow and a donkey look on.

The Neapolitan version of the crib features figurines of non-Biblical individuals.

The collection belongs to Mgr Edgar Vella and he lends his Neopolitan crib to the Cathedral every year.

In 2017, Mgr Vella introduced the figure of Saint George Preca in the crib.

Speaking to, Mgr Vella said explained that Neapolitan cribs are a unique genre in art for they place the nativity scene in the Neapolitan environment that existed 300 years ago.

The figurine was done by Neapolitan artist Aniello Accardo.