3-day summit will help to make church a safer place – Scicluna

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has said that the upcoming three-day summit will help make the church a safer place.

The Archbishop joined key figures of the Catholic Church, for a press conference at the Vatican today, over the church’s response to abuse of minors by the clergy. The press conference will outline ‘The protection of minors in the Church’, summit taking place during the New Synod, between the 21st and 24th February.

During the press conference the Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna has said that the three-day conference entitled, ‘The protection of minors in the Church’ will be a positive step towards making the Catholic church throughout its many diocese, a safer place for young people by installing the prevention and safeguards to stop sexual abuse.

He explained that this followed the viewpoints of the Pope returning from Panama, where he addressed these topics as well as the importance of prayer.

For this reason the three-day summit will be split into a key theme per day; the first addressing responsibility, the second about accountability and the third about transparency. This information will be disseminated by the many Dioceses and help put everyone on the same page as the Pope on this topic, Scicluna said.

The Archbishop also offered his thanks to the media for their part in raising awareness of the topic and telling the stories of victims.

He said the media’s investigations revealing the sexual abuse of children and minors by church figures. Recalling the film ‘Spotlight’, he said that the ‘media was not simply part of the system, it could be part of the solution’.

Scicluna also recalled the Pope’s words on his return from Panama, addressing how to fix this problem. He said that the Pope had hoped for ways to raise the importance of prevention and the safeguarding young people.