Archbishop Scicluna reiterates appeal for people to get Covid-19 vaccine

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has once again urged the public to get coronavirus vaccine when the health authorities inform them to do so.

Delivering his homily at the Dar tal-Providenza chapel ahead of its annual fundraising marathon, Mgr Scicluna urged the public to donate towards the cause.

Once again, Archbishop Scicluna took the opportunity to speak about the coronavirus vaccine, reiterating his message for Christmas, he said that anyone who “can take the (coronavirus) vaccine should do so, as in this way we will be protecting not only ourselves but also our brethren who due to various circumstances may not be able to take the vaccine”.

Referring to the Lord’s blessing through Aaron, Archbishop Scicluna explained that nowadays instead of “blessing” we refer to wellbeing to mean being in peace with oneself and others. He underlined that a true blessing comes from God.

“If am at peace with God, am at peace with others,” Archbishop Scicluna said, underlining the importance of imparting such blessing at the beginning of the year.

The archbishop also explained God’s blessing in the context of Dar tal-Providenza.