Archbishop Scicluna presides over Diocesan Assembly 2018

Ritratti: Kurja –

Archbishop Charles Scicluna presided over the Diocesan Assembly 2018, which saw the evaluation of documents from the Diocesan Synod (1999 – 2003).

In a statement, the Maltese Archdiocese said that these two days of evaluation and discussion was the beginning of a process leading to the Synod documents being updated in a way which reflects with current social reality. This as well as offering proposals and new initiatives as to how the Church should react to them.

The documents discussed during the Assembly are:

  • The Church as a community
  • The role and services of the Church in society
  • The role of Catholic female lay people
  • The spreading of the Gospel
  • Celebration of the liturgy and sacraments
  • Diaconia and justice
  • Marriage and the family
  • Adolescents and youth
Ritratti: Kurja –

Archbishop Scicluna augured that this new wave of modernisation in the Maltese Church which started with the Diocesan Assembly is one of discernment.

The Archbishop also inaugurated a painting by artist Nathanael Theuma, which depicts the disciples of Emmaus recognising Jesus by the breaking of the bread. He said that this story is central in the pastoral plan of the Maltese Archdiocese.