Watch: Be the light for your parishioners – Archbishop Scicluna

Updated 10:54 AM

New Parish Priest for Għaxaq community

“Dear Fr Andrew I wish you to be the light for the Għaxaq community” said Archbishop Charles Scicluna. The Archbishop was officiating in the investiture mass for the new parish priest for the locality of Ħal-Għaxaq, Fr Andrew Schembri. The Archbishop expressed the wish that the lights which brighten up the Christmas streets and homes light up also the flames of faith, hope and love and fill hearts with the true joy of Christmas.

During the homily, Archbishop Scicluna spoke of advent “It would really be lovely if over Advent we could light up the flames inside each other through love, forgivness and patience. We should fan those flames not douse them”

Advent, continued Archbishop Scicluna, is a time of waiting, a time identified with St John the Baptist who heralded the coming of the Saviour. This particular Sunday, he added, is one which celebrates joy. “It would be such a beautiful thing, if we could patiently light up each other during this festive season, with our patience if we could light the light in each other during this festive season,” concluded Archbishop Scicluna.

The mass was being celebrated at the chapel of Santu Kristu which was built over 160 years ago on a site where there had previously been a niche dedicated to Santu Kristu.