Aquarius: “Find a humanitarian solution”, Bishops say

Ritratt: Kurja -

Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Gozitan Bishop Mario Grech, called on European political authorities to continue seeking humanitarian solutions for immigrants on the ship Aquarius without neglecting the realities of the citizens of the host country.

In a joint statement, the bishops said that the Mediterranean immigration phenomenon shows the desperate situation they feel which compel them to leave their original country to escape war or hunger.

More than 600 immigrants were rescued between Saturday and Sunday in six rescue operations by Aquarius. Aquarius is registered in Gibraltar.

“The same phenomenon also shows the suffering, concerns, and the sacrifices host countries endure” the Bishops added.

“Even these days the story of Aquarius revealed the complexity and delicacy of both the problem and its solutions”.

The Bishops said they appreciate the fact that the Maltese Government offered material aid and medical assistance to these immigrants.

You can read more about the event here.