APS talk about ocean plastic pollution to be hosted online

The talk will be hosted by Dr Yanika Borg who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2019 to carry out ocean plastic research.

The next APS talk, ‘Ocean Plastic Pollution: A lost battle?’, marking the 13th of the series, will be streamed online on 30th April 2020 at 6.30 pm, due to the restrictions created by COVID-19.

This educational programme has the aim of bringing experts in their field to share knowledge and build awareness on various topics for the benefit of the community in general.

The first digital episode of the APS talks will be hosted by Dr Yanika Borg, a data scientist with a PhD in Synthetic Biology from University College London (UCL). Last November, APS Bank supported Dr Borg as she sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to carry out ocean plastic research.

During this talk, she will focus on the importance to tackle ocean plastic pollution and the impact this has on ourselves and our environment. Afterwards, she will talk about her adventures and life on board a 72ft yacht with a team of 13 other incredible women. Finally, she will share how we can all play a significant part in tackling plastic pollution.

If you are interested to learn more about this free talk or would like to register to attend, you may visit their website.

This content was supplied by APS Bank

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