APS initiate 2019 with a second series of ‘APS talks’

APS Bank has started the new year with the second series of their ‘APS talks’.

Titled “Trading on China’s New Silk Road”, and presented by  Dr. Marcus Schütz,  the talk explored China’s unprecedented economic development and  the trillion-dollar infrastructure development which they initiated to connect Asia and Europe  known as the “China’s New Silk Road” or “One Belt, One Road Initiative”. Potentials for Malta were also explored.

Following the event Dr. Shütz commented that the event was an excellent opportunity for the large pool of professionals present to share experience and intelligence that helps to initiate ideas that could benefit all in an interactive environment.

Dr. Marcus Schütz is the APS Bank Chair at the University of Malta and was previously Head of Corporate Startegy of Volkswagen Group China were he has lived for 12 years.