APS Bank prioritises well-being of its employees

During these challenging times when much attention is focused on the various channels of assistance to retail and commercial customers, APS Bank has also been extending its unwavering support to staff members and their families.

As soon as the Pandemic Contingency Plan was activated early in February 2020, numerous employees were equipped to work remotely whilst others continued to report for duty at the their offices and in the branch network. A large number of measures were implemented over the past two months or so, in the form of education and information campaigns across various media, installation of protective screens at branches, visitor screening and sanitizing measures and enhanced queue management. Management also put to full use its Remote Working and Flexible Working Policy, allowing staff to work with maximum flexibility in the circumstances.

Publication of the Bank’s digital newsletter ‘APS Times’ increased in frequency with content mainly focusing on the health and well-being of employees and customers. Other articles related to the public health guidelines, the steps being taken to maintain a safe workplace and business environment and how employees should be embracing a new way of working. A more recent innovation was the internal communication campaign to help employees stay in touch, in the form of daily SMS offering words of motivation and ideas to stay healthy and active during difficult times. Also, on Wednesdays parents are receiving an activity to try out with their children. Other measures include increased networking through visits and virtual meetings and periodic treats, including the traditional Easter figolla and distribution of cereal bars to all staff. And new initiatives are rolling out continuously.

As stated by CEO Marcel Cassar in an ‘APS Times’ message: “In line with our vision “to be the community Bank in Malta”, taking care of ourselves will allow us to better support our families, colleagues and better serve our customers. Together, we will get through this.”