APS Bank launches ‘Time to Care…’ Photo Competition

APS Bank has launched a photo competition on the theme of environmental awareness. Photos should feature and/or be directly related to the Maltese Islands and the twelve images that will be shortlisted will feature in APS Bank’s 2019 Annual Calendar and related exhibitions.

With the increase in air, water and land pollution, loss of biodiversity and dangerous climate change, action is required to reverse this process and to create a path for sustainable development, giving the Earth and its biosphere the care and respect it deserves.

“ ‘Time to Care…’, while building awareness and inspiring people to take action to protect  the places we live in, is also a commitment to the well-being of future generations” said APS Bank’s Head of Strategy & Marketing, Hervé Delpech.

Deadline for registration is Friday 21st September 2018. For more information about the prizes and details of the competition please visit www.apsbank.com.mt/photo-competition