APS Bank launches financial literacy course for students

As part of its CSR programme, APS Bank has developed a financial literacy course for Year 7 students (ages 11 to 12), with the pilot sessions being held for students of St. Margaret’s College, Cospicua.  The scope of this course is to introduce students to the basic principles of financial literacy, which help them build healthy money habits from an early age.

This course is built on five components, identified as the fundamentals of financial literacy – these are where money comes from and how it is used, how to budget effectively, the role of banks, how to be financially independent and its importance.

The sessions are currently being delivered virtually by a well-experienced tutor commissioned by APS Bank.  The course content has been created to ensure student engagement at all times.  This was done by complementing the theory with interactive activities, such as videos, group work and quizzes.

Herve Delpech, Chief Strategy Officer at APS Bank said, “The Bank’s commitment to financial literacy goes back to the originsof APS over 100 years ago and the launch of this pilot course is a continuation of this. We believe this course will help the students create a solid foundation in financial literacy, which will help them become financially independent adults.”

This content was supplied by APS Bank