Apocalyptical scenes in Beirut – Maltese Jesuit Provincial in Lebanon

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Fr Michael Zammit Mangion Jesuit Provincial for the Near-East and Maghreb Province said that the current scene in Beirut is an apocalyptical one, a day after an explosion rocked Lebanon’s capital.

Fr Zammit Mangion told Newsbook.com.mt that he was a kilometre away from the warehouse in which the blast is thought to have originated from. As soon as he heard the explosion he threw himself on the floor of the 11-storey building he was in to protect himself.

The Provincial said that most of the doors and windows of the building he was in broke. He also said that glass littered many of Beirut’s streets as the explosion caused widespread damage.

Fr Zammit Mangion said that people in the capital are currently feeling lost and are trying to clear the rubble. Shop owners also could be seen guarding their shops to deter looters.

Fr Zammit Mangion said that hospitals were struggling to cope with the influx of patients and said that field hospitals were going to be brought in.