“Anyone can have a bleeding disorder, from newborns to the elderly”

In a two-part series, Newsbook.com.mt speaks to Dr James Gauci from the Malta Bleeding Disorders Society.

Bleeding disorders are rare medical conditions and the society addresses the need to raise awareness and impart information among the Maltese community to ensure a better quality of life to patients suffering from these conditions and to eradicate prejudices and/or mistaken myths about patients.

“There are many treatments available locally; however, there are more advanced treatments which would definitely improve the quality of life of our patients and we feel that it is our role to understand what the needs of our patients are in order to bring this to the attention of the relevant authorities,” said Dr Gauci.

More information on the MBDS may be obtained by sending an email to info@mbds.org.mt or by checking out the society’s Facebook page or Twitter.

Part 1 may be accessed here.