“Any lack of respect for human life is being normalised”


Lack of respect for human life is being normalised, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Well-being Prof Andrew Azzopardi and the Dean-elect of the Faculty of Education Colin Calleja said in a joint statement. Azzopardi and Calleja further stated that society is not talking enough on the causes of this moral degeneration.

In a co-signed letter entitled ‘Respecting human life’ the two academics said that the theme of respect for human life features regularly in local debates which touch on various topics such as abortion, IVF, and euthanasia among others. However the two illustrated that such lack of respect is not restricted to moral debates but extend to other phenomena which are becoming more evident such as poverty, social exclusion, widespread racism and misogyny as well as the incessant devastation of the environment.

Calleja and Azzopardi quoted Pope Francis’ words from Gaudete et Exsultate, saying that the words “fit aptly the situation we are currently experiencing”.

Referring to recent cases, from homicide to more specifically the drive-by shooting on Lassine Souleyamane, the Dean and Dean Elect said that the extent to which life is being devalued is concerning. They also referred to deaths at the work place especially in the construction industry.

Moral degradation

The academics said that the normalisation of lack of respect for human lives, shows moral degradation which is not being discussed. In their opinion, moral degradation could be due to a variety of reasons. They also referred to the rapid change in lifestyle seen over the past years.

According to Azzopardi and Calleja, economic wealth seem to have come at a cost of life-style and well-being.

The two academics called on for a serious reflection on the current situation and invited the stakeholders to make changes required to make Maltese society more humane and caring towards those living on the Maltese archipelago.