Updated: Photos: “A 14-year-old boy jumped overboard; how much longer?” – Sea-Eye


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The search and rescue NGO Sea-Eye said that a 14-year old boy is injured after attempting to jump overboard to reach the mainland. This has been considered as a suicide attempt by Gorden Isler, Chairman of Sea-Eye.

Sea-Eye stated that Malta continues to reject responsibility for the Alan Kurdi despite the fact that the rescue took place in the Maltese coordination zone. It called on Prime Minister (PM) Joseph Muscat and the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), saying that this is happening on their watch.

The Alan Kurdi crew had started the rescue operation on the morning of August 31st.  They contacted the relevant maritime authorities, the Maltese Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, but as yet remain at sea.

In a tweet, Isler said that the Head of Mission on the Alan Kurdi informed him of another suicide attempt by a minor. He went on to ask  “Does someone have to be injured before the Maltese Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre takes responsibility? How do you explain this irresponsible behaviour Armed Forces of Malta?”

He later tweeted that the minor is a 14-year old boy and that both the AFM and the PM are aware of the situation on board.

This comes after two young asylum speakers have already been brought to Malta on the 5th of September due to the fact that they were considering suicide. A further 3 were evacuated yesterday, for the same reason.

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“We asked for the evacuation of the eight remaining immigrants – no response” 

Yesterday, Isler told Newsbook.com.mt that although the organisation asked for the evacuation of the eight remaining immigrants aboard Alan Kurdi, there was no answer from the Maltese Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC).

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“These are alarmingly events when you consider that this is a rescue coordination centre”, Isler told Newsbook.com.mt.

He added that Sea-Eye’s doctors have prepared extensive reports for all eight people. The German NGO insisted that it is sure that the Maltese court will confirm the jurisdiction of the Maltese authorities in the coming days.

Sea-Eye lodges complaint with Maltese Court

Sea-Eye, had earlier announced that it would be lodging a complaint with the Maltese courts over its legal responsibilities over Search and Rescue.

The complaint comes after the NGO explained that the Maltese Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre and the Armed Forces of Malta, had initially agreed to take the 13 people rescued by the NGO but a few hours later, would not take responsibility.

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