Andrew Azzopardi on taking the plunge to 103

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“I do not find the change easy and this is a very big thing for me. But I am very excited and raring to go”. Well-known presenter Andrew Azzopardi’s sentiments were palpable in the short interview carried out on 103’s What’s On Newsbook programme on Monday. With less than a week to go to his first program on’s sister medium, Prof Azzopardi was, amazingly, quite nervous. “I feel like I’m approaching the mic for the very first time,” he confided a while prior to the interview. Which, as any media professional would say, is excellent since such a feeling ensures that the product is the best possible.

Not that there was ever much doubt. “I will be as incisive and as direct as ever,” promised Prof Azzopardi referring to his Saturday morning interviews. He explained that the social aspects of news were the elements which really got his juices going but he draws the line nowhere, really. For Prof Azzopardi comes across as supremely inquisitive about life and living. A principled man, he does not hedge about where the vulnerable are concerned nor when it is time to talk truth to power.

Prof Andrew Azzopardi will be on 103 Malta’s Heart on Saturdays 10:00-12:00h.