Anaesthetists call for a total flight ban


The Association of Anaesthetists of Malta (AAM) has added its voice to that of other medical organisations on COVID-19. The AAM are also calling on the government to step up measures into ‘drastic public health containment’ mode.

Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAE said that Malta does not have the capability to take care of ‘a great number of patients [who] require intensive care and ventilation’. The AAM said that all flights should be stopped in and out of the country. They added that all persons coming from abroad should be made to follow mandatory quarantine. The AAM suggested that all mass gatherings should be prohibited.

Anaesthetists are specialist doctors who are responsible for providing anaesthesia to patients for operations and procedures. In addition, anaesthetists have a range of practice which extends beyond anaesthesia for surgery. They also treat pain management and intensive care.

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