An Uphill Climb for a very Good Cause

Tezara Camilleri’s face and voice are recognisable by many. A theatre and TV actress, drama teacher, singer and radio presenter, she is a talented woman who wears many hats.

Her latest venture is also a very noble one. Together with two close friends, Celine Xuereb and Sofia Sarkas, she climbed up Europe’s tallest mountain, Mount Elbrus in Russia in order to raise funds for a young boy who has cerebral palsy – three-year-old Julian Camilleri.

Born prematurely at 32 weeks, Julian was diagnosed as having spastic diplegia – a form of cerebral palsy. He has just returned to Malta with his family after a successful operation in the US called selective dorsal rhizotomy. The surgery alone cost around $50,000 and he now faces years of intensive therapy.

In an exclusive interview with, Ms Camilleri spoke about the difficulties the three women encountered during their arduous climb, how it was all worth it… and how the experience has enriched her life.

Donations for Julian are being accepted at the #recoverjulian fund-raising page.