“An Opposition led by amateurs” – Muscat

DOI: Jason Borg

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister and Partit Laburista (PL) leader Joseph Muscat said that his government is the only political voice in the country as the Opposition is led by amateurs.

During his traditional radio intervention on the party’s radio station on Sunday, Muscat said that he does not mind being called a salesman. He is in fact working to attract further foreign investment into our economy with his visits to the USA and Canada. ]

Muscat said that the Opposition wants the government to retract from the collective agreements that it made with the police, nurses and teachers, and stop employing LSEs and carers. This as it is the only way to decrease the numbers when it comes to government spending.

The Prime Minister also said that this scholastic year is special thanks to the MyJourney initiative. The initiative allows for 60% of Grade 9 students to choose a vocational subject.