An ode to missing socks

One local mama has turned her frustration into inspiration.

Dani von Brockdorff was fed up of never finding matched pairs of socks after unloading the washing machine. So, one morning, she wrote a poem inspired while trying to sort her little boy’s socks.

I wish I knew, I really do
Where all you missing socks go

I like to think of you somewhere
Enjoying single lives
On a great adventure
No obligations and no ties

Perhaps you dance the night away
In a club called stripes and spots
You click your heals and tap your toes
While doing Vodka shots

You really did look great together
A ‘perfect pair’ I’d say
But you must have known deep inside
You had to get away

Perhaps you’ll meet another sock
Who at first might look quite odd
But when you get to know each other
You’re two peas in a pod

I don’t feel bad or even sad
For the ones left in my drawer
I guess they’re mad that you’ve left
And have contacted their lawyer.

Dani Von Brockdorff