An ink-black comedy in Gozo

Contractions, a play by Mike Bartlett, will be the next production by 356 Company in conjunction with Blank Canvas Productions (Gozo) to be presented at the Cittadella, Gozo.

Labelled as an ink-black comedy, it deals with corporate control and the management of human resources. How tightly can contractual signatories be subjected to the rules of the company and how far-reaching is it’s impact?

This play delivers an unimaginable ludicrous insight into a fictional corporate world yet astonishingly underpinned with a harrowing possible realism.

To laugh or to cry?

Contractions will undoubtedly provoke a comment or two from auditorium and to that end, the audience are given the opportunity to share their views on the subject matter.

After the performance the audience are invited to return to their seats after a brief respite to openly discuss with the cast and director their thoughts.

The play itself will be a little under an hour in length and the discussion is not expected to take more than half an hour. The performance will start at 8.00 pm on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November in the mezzanine at the Cittadella (Room 4 Cultural Centre), accessed from the East side battlements, above the craft shops.

Limited seating is available, so booking is recommended via email: or 79279061 / 99018257.

This content was supplied by Blank Canvas Productions (Gozo)