Watch: An end to end of year marathon fund raising?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The end of the year is always characterised with a lot of initiatives to collect money. L-Istrina u l-Festa’ Solidarjeta’ for Dar tal-Providenza are just two of the mega-fund raisers.
In this day and age and in a welfare state should it not be the state that forks out the money for such causes? Should people in need and in a lot of suffering be reduced to beggars?

There is always a heated debate whether stories of vulnerable people be used to raise funds.

This Saturday at 10:00am during the programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103, Prof. Azzopardi will discuss this subject with some of the protagonists.

Among those taking part: Oliver Scicluna, National Commission for persons with Disability, Mauro Pace Parascandolo, CEO, Malta Council for Voluntary Sector; Stephania Dimech Sant, CEO, Richmond Foundation, Claudia Taylor East, SOS Malta, and Dr Lara Said, a cancer patient.

This Saturday on 103 Malta’s Heart at 10:00am