ALS activist waiting for PM’s decision on fundraising activity

Ritratt: Facebook/BjornFormosa

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

ALS activist Bjorn Formosa and founder of Dar Bjorn is currently awaiting for a government decision on whether the recently announced Malta Community Chest Fund’s fundraiser, L-Istrina, will go ahead.

On Friday, Formosa announced that the Dar Bjorn 2 project has come to an abrupt end after the MCCF announced its own fundraiser a week before Bjorn Formosa’s planned event. He claimed that L-Istrina will overshadow his fundraiser and would result in a lack of donations that would make the continuation of his project unfeasible.

Formosa is now waiting for a decision by Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister Carmelo Abela on the l-Istrina fundraiser.

The activist has urged MCCF to find an amicable solution.

Writing on Facebook, Formosa claimed that he does 20 hours in voluntary work a day to raise funds for projects which help people with neurological conditions. He noted that the ALS fundraiser was moved to a lesser viewed station TVM 2 while the MCCF fundraiser is going to be aired on the main national TV station.

Bjorn Formosa waqt L-Istrina ta’ ħames snin ilu.

Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency Jason Micallef accused Formosa of undermining the efforts of l-Istrina and called the activist “vile” saying that Formosa was granted funds through MCCF and received other government funds. Formosa then took to social media to set the records straight.

Writing on Facebook, Formosa emphasized that his comments were neither political nor intended to attack a political party over another.

The prime minister and minister within the office of the prime minister will have the ultimate word on the ongoing drama. They are expected to decide on the matter within the next few hours.

Formosa remarked that such activities require a lot of work and preparation ahead of the day when the fundraising would take place.