ALPA to hold AirMalta’s management to account for the “false and incorrect statements”

Miguela Xuereb

ALPA expressed its satisfaction that its request to block the planned demotions has been upheld. In a statement issued on Saturday, the Pilots’ Association said that the Court has ascertained the existence of an arguable case, as well as a suspected violation of the company’s failure to abide by its legal and contractual obligations.

The Association said that the Court was receptive to arguments relating to the company’s failure to enter into negotiations in this regard, as well as the fact that the Association’s approval had not been granted.

Regarding the Court’s decision not to stall the company’s intention to proceed with the redundancies contemplated, ALPA said it will be filing proceedings in order to obtain adequate relief, as well as to address the above-mentioned irregularities in the imminent future.

The Association’s Executive Committee reiterated that, over the past months, the members of the Association have witnessed and have been subjected to systematic attacks on their freedom of association by both Air Malta and by its majority shareholder, the Government of Malta.

The Association reaffirmed its unwavering intention to do all within its authority to safeguard the interests of its members.

ALPA said it will also be holding the management of the company to account for the “false and incorrect statements” forming part of the testimony delivered during Friday’s sitting.

The Association concluded by saying that members of the Air Malta management will be formally requested to shoulder responsibility for forging ahead with measures in breach of the legal and contractual rights of the members of ALPA.