ALPA files proceedings against government after it did not honor contractual obligations

R.Oneksiak, D.Kłosiński

The pilots’ association has filed judicial proceedings against the government urging it to honour contractual obligations which the government had entered into by means of an agreement signed by then-Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi on 26 January 2018.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Airline Pilots Association – Malta noted that the government had provided work-related guarantees to ALPA’s members, as well as a guarantee that the conditions of employment contained in the Collective Agreement in force between the association and the national airline would be safeguarded until a new collective agreement is signed.

The association noted that despite the parties having signed this agreement two years earlier, 69 pilots were made redundant on 8 June 2020.

ALPA explained that during the negotiations with Air Malta, members of its senior management team had repeatedly made it clear that the government was only ready to reach an amicable agreement with ALPA relating to the re-employment of its members if ALPA were to renounce to the rights deriving from the agreement signed 26 January 2018.

‘The government sanctioned the strategic use of negotiation tactics which run counter to core European and democratic values in an attempt at trampling on contractual and employee rights, as well as collective rights deriving from our member’s freedom of association,’ ALPA said.

ALPA underlined that the government was aware that the association intends to do its utmost to contribute to the growth of the local aviation sector.

Lawyer Andre Portelli is assisting ALPA.