ALPA calls on govt to fulfil its contractual obligations

Photo: Facebook/Airmalta

ALPA has filed a judicial protest to hold Air Malta and the Government of Malta responsible for the termination of  employment of 69 pilots and for the demotion of 31 captains to first officers.

The association for the pilots of the Maltese National Airline has also called upon the government to honour the contractual obligations existing in terms of a number of agreements entered into between ALPA and the former Ministers for Tourism, Konrad Mizzi and Edward Zammit Lewis, acting as representatives of the Government of Malta.

ALPA explained that by means of the said agreements, members of the Association were given job guarantees within the Maltese territory and provided with assurances that their conditions of employment would be preserved until the signing of a new Collective Agreement.

The association expressed its disappointment that the Government of Malta had opted not to participate in the discussions preceding the termination of employment of its members.

“It is unfortunate that a cluster of individuals at the higher tiers of the management of the company, hand-picked by the current administration, have opted to trample on workers’ rights and conditions of employment,” – said ALPA which also mentioned how the Government is well aware of the fact that it has persistently reaffirmed its intention to do its utmost to contribute to the growth of the local aviation sector.