Allied Newspapers sacks top journalist over alleged tip-off to Yorgen Fenech

Top Journalist Ivan Camilleri has been sacked by Allied Newspapers. Multiple sources have confirmed this to and the matter has also been reported by Malta today and The Malta Independent. No statement has yet been forthcoming from Allied Newspapers.

Neither Camilleri nor The Times was available for comment. Contacted by MaltaToday, Ivan Camilleri declined to comment: “I will not comment. I will be fighting this unfair dismissal.”

Camilleri was dismissed in connection with an alleged communication he had with Yorgen Fenech on the eve of his attempted escape from Portomaso harbour. ‘An unnamed journalist’ was mentioned in Court during the compilation of evidence against Fenech, accused with having masterminded the assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The Caruana Galizia family’s lawyer Jason Azzopardi asked Chief Investigator Keith Arnaud about a tip-off from a journalist that had been found in Fenech’s mobile phone.

Arnaud said that he was not certain but said he believed that Fenech had been informed about what was happening in the news and his reaction was to leave the islands. The name of the journalist was not asked of Fenech, Arnaud said.