Alleged Għadira kidnapping: case still open

Amidst several media reports which stated that no case was opened against the man who was accused of the alleged kidnapping of a boy from Għadira, a Police spokesperson told that investigations are still ongoing.

On the 30th July, Police received a report of an alleged kidnapping attempt of a boy at Għadira.

According to the mother, the five-year-old was washing his toys when the alleged kidnapping attempt took place. She said that the boy bit the alleged aggressor – a foreign national – and freed himself.

However, several reports stated that these allegations could not be backed up and were not proven.

According to a report, the boy’s story did not match that of his mother. It also stated that this argument started when the man and his partner took the mother’s “place on the beach”.

According to information obtained by the investigation has not been closed. The Police did not answer our questions about the case.