Allegations targeting AFM should be backed by evidence not sensationalism – Prof. Formosa

Sea Watch

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Department of Criminology within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing is urging authorities to investigate the recent reports claiming sabotage of a vessel carrying migrants by AFM officials, with haste to ensure that front-liners who are risking their lives on a daily basis are ensured closure and that front-liners deserve a fair hearing.

In a statement issued by the Head of Department, Prof. Saviour Formosa has urged that such claims to the Police and the Courts are made when backed by solid evidence and away from sensationalism.

He also said that seeking to incarcerate front-liners only aids the criminal domain not mitigate its escalation and the Department, which Prof. Formosa said has been at the forefront together with front-liners in the security and safety expresses its solidarity with the persons targeted in the police reports.

“Should there be guilt, the rule of law will take its natural path, but based on evidence not shooting from the hip,” said Prof. Formosa who continued to explain that there is need, more than ever, for a comprehensive approach towards migration which should be European-wide.

The Head of the Criminology Department within the University of Malta said that the current situation, where the European lack of solidarity has left all wanting, is ripe for criminal exploitation.

Prof. Formosa also expressed his solidarity to the AFM Head Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi who lectures at the Department of Criminology within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing.