“All plastic bottles should be included in the scheme” – FoE

The plastic bottles scheme announced by the Government must include all plastic bottles, explained Friends of the Earth, since Malta still has a problem of waste disposal in many different streets.

Moreover, FoE pointed out that these machines which will be taking these bottles must be placed in many different locations, including at the airport and not only in shopping centres, in order to reach persons with reduced mobility.

In their statement, FoE also explained that there should be heavy enforcement against abuses from restaurants and hotels which serve drinks in plastic flasks but still try to benefit from this scheme.

FoE pointed out that this scheme should also cater for plastic bottles of other products such as floor washing bottles and food products and that there should be no distinction between the size of the bottle.

FoE explained that the rate that consumers receive must be 25c or more in order to serve as an incentive for consumers to return their empty bottles.