Watch: Air Malta flights on Ryanair website; from €14.99

Airlines Air Malta and Ryanair have collaborated in an initiative to make it possible for people to book Air Malta flights through the Ryanair website, which attracts around 50 million customers every month.

This initiative was announced during a news conference addressing the airlines and Konrad Mizzi, Minister of Tourism was also present.

74 new routes are being added in total; 21 with Air Malta and 53 with Ryanair, with flights starting from €14.99 and destinations including Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, Russia, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Paul Sies from Air Malta explained that this initiative was first thought of last year, with the aim of attracting more customers to both airlines. The IT department invested a considerable amount to make this possible, and was also looking into the creation of a new website for Air Malta in the future.

Air Malta chairman Charles Mangion mentioned last year’s addition of 21 new and more frequent flights, resulting in a rise of 40% in sales and an increased online presence.

Minister Konrad Mizzi stated that the next step would be to create connecting flights between Air Malta and Ryanair aiming towards Africa, where money is already being invested.

The Chairman apologised for the flight delays that passengers of Air Malta may have experienced, explaining that the delays are being addressed, although very often the reasons were out of their control or due to air traffic.

Air Malta will announce their financial results in the coming months.