Air Malta does not deny fuel bill; ‘The company always honored its financial commitments’

Malta International Airport plc

Air Malta did not deny the claim made a local newspaper, that the national airline paid its €15 million fuel bill to Enemed however it said that it always honored its financial commitments in a statement on Sunday.

The Malta Independent on Sunday reported that the national airline paid its fuel bill running in millions only after it had held its Annual General Meeting and drafted its annual accounts. The paper said that government sources told the paper that this was done in order to show that the airline had turned a profit.

In a statement, Air Malta described the story as “unfortunate” saying that it was aimed at tarnishing the company’s improvements achieved by implying that the airline made certain financial transactions.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi had announced that the national airline had made a profit of €1.2 million in year ending March 2018.

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However according to the Malta Independent, the company paid for the fuel only after it announced its profit for the previous financial year.

Air Malta further stated that its accounts had been audited by an independent audit firm which has been auditing the company accounts for the last decades. It continued by saying that it always honors its financial commitments and “being a registered commercial entity, Air Malta follows standard disclosure practices in refraining from naming its individual debtors and creditors or amounts due by or to the company”.