Ahmadiyya community with more gifts – this time for Peace Lab

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta, Imam Laiq Ahmed Atif, together with community members visited the Ħal Far Peace Lab and donated gift packs which will be distributed among the residents.

They met with patri Dijonisju Mintoff, the Founder of the Peace Lab, during the visit.

Peace Lab is a voluntary institute that provides accommodation, training and help in finding employment to migrants living in Malta.

Imam Atif said that he always feels a great peace and serenity whenever he visits the Peace Lab.

“Here the environment is very peaceful. During this festive season, we are very pleased to extend our support and solidarity with the residents of Peace Lab,” he said.

Speaking with the residents of Peace Lab, Imam Atif said that it is very important that all the residents should play their role in keeping the surroundings clean and well organized. Everyone should be willing to help and always be ready to show solidarity to each other.

He added that all the residents should make it incumbent upon them that they have a duty to take care of patri Dijonisju Mintoff,, as he is now a senior citizen thus he deserves good care from all the residents.

Patri Mintoff’s services for the migrant communities span over decades, Imam Atif noted, urging all migrants living at the Peace Lab to express their sincere gratitude to him.

“It should be our religious duty to be grateful for his work. Islam says that anyone who is not grateful to his fellow human beings cannot be grateful to his Creator,” he said.

Patri Dijonisju Mintoff welcomed the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat and expressed his gratitude for this noble gesture.