Agreement is signed: Free school transport for children confirms that the free school transport agreement between the Government and the school transport providers for church schools and private schools has been signed.

A source involved in the discussions explained that they are satisfied by the agreement signed and its implications. The source, a school transport provider said that this agreement would result in every company paying the same amount to the Government for this service but that the final agreement will be published in due time.

Another school transport provider explained to that he was not informed of the actual agreement signed and is waiting for the final decision.

The Government said that students attending church schools and independent schools will be benefiting from free transport as part of the electoral manifestation. Minister for Education, Evarist Bartolo said in Parliament that the free transport will cost €10 million per year and that private schools have been entitled to this until now. has tried to contact a spokesperson for the Minister for Education but the calls were not answered.

A spokesperson for the Union of Professional Educators told that he had no information from the Department of Education and claimed that the union was excluded from the discussions for a long period of time.